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12. Season 2000


Committee Report 2000

Ashford Cricket Club has a very bright future. The Short Lane facilities have to be some of the best in our area and the Club is very fortunate to have a healthy Colts section with a number of very promising youngsters knocking at the door of the senior teams. In the next couple of years, when this young talent matures and has found its "senior wings" the Club will again be able to stand proud in Surrey Cricket circles. Unfortunately, however, the above is a few years off (a vision!) and we still have the present to unravel.

So much for the Millennium bringing new expectation and hope for all. Well someone forgot to include Ashford Cricket Club when they were sharing out the Millennium success. The 2000 season was one of the most disappointing seasons on-the-field for Ashford that I can remember. None of the 1st XI, 2nd XI or 3rd XI teams did themselves any justice and all under performed. The 1st XI was relegated to Division 2 of Surrey Championship, which was not a reflection on the team's ability and neither the 2nd or the 3rd XI showed any sign of challenging for promotion. The reasons for this under-performing are many and open to debate. Some thoughts are included in the attached Captain's reports but one thing is certain, more commitment is required by all members to lift all three sides and return quickly to the Club's correct level in the Surrey Championship.

What went wrong? Your Committee does not have all the answers here but something has to be done and done fairly quickly. Is there a need for each team to have a nominated or appointed Team Manager and/or separate Coach? If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know or, preferably, attend the AGM and air your views.

The 4th XI played its first season in the Morrant Wey Valley League Division 3. From all the reports, it is clear that switching to a new league was the correct decision and all who took part, I believe, enjoyed the experience. A creditable sixth position was achieved and it was also very encouraging the number of Colts and other youngsters who helped carry the senior element through this first season. Well done the 4th XI.

Both the Ladies side and the Colts teams also had busy seasons please read the separate reports for full details.

Unfortunately, Don Beckett, a Life Member of the Cricket Club and a past Committee member passed away in August after fighting against cancer for several years. Don played 1st XI cricket for many years from the early '60s through to the early '80s and he was one of the most influential members of the Club in those days. In addition, he was 1st XI Captain, Chairman of Ashford Sports Club, Secretary of the Surrey Championship League and Cricket Club President at various times during his dedicated years as a member of Ashford. The whole Club will sorely miss him.

The Club went on its usual tour to South Devon and this year, the first occasion for some years, there were no selection problems. The interest in the tour certainly seems to have increased now that we have moved our headquarters to Exeter and we have switched to the half-term week. The dates for next year will be Sunday May 27th to Friday, June 2 and we hope to revert to a full six fixtures if possible. If anyone is interested in going on the tour please let either the Club Secretary or me know as soon as possible.

Rosemary Alder has provided all the teas for the Club this year. She was thrown in the deep end in May, having never produced a cricket tea before. With some helpful guidance from past masters and some "suck it and see" techniques, the Ashford teas quickly developed into fare which was admired and appreciated by all. Many thanks Rosemary.

The Club has had a fairly quiet social year with the only events being the President’s Day and two very enjoyable Quiz Nights. The President's Day featured the Club's Six-a-Side Tournament with many congratulations to Adrian Chessman and his team who were presented their prizes by the President and sponsor for the day, Peter Ash after winning an exciting competition. In addition, Adrian and his whole family must be thanked for the Quiz Nights. The enthusiasm and effort which Adrian, Richard, Angela and Colin put in to these evenings is a lesson for all members.

The Club Membership list was in the secure hands of Robert Evans this season and although not obvious to all members, administratively the Club is improving in this area. There was a problem with Membership Cards, which were not all distributed, but we will try to ensure that this improves for 2001. The whole area of membership is quite complex for a large club with in excess of 300 members. Please try to help your club and the Membership Secretary in particular by paying your subscriptions on time without the need for reminders.

The Club finances still show a healthy balance although it is clear that we operated at a loss during the 2000 season. Your committee has been reviewing this and you will see on the AGM calling notice the measures that are being taken in an attempt to reverse this situation. Moving to a new facility was always going to be expensive and reserves were built up specifically for this but the Club now has to turn things around very quickly. I should like to offer the Club's thanks to John Hartwell for all his work behind the scene and his dedication to the job of Club Treasurer.

I am sure regular users of the Club will have noticed that a new set of gates has recently been completed. These gates have been paid for jointly by Ashford Cricket Club and Ashford Hockey Club in memory of Ken Miller. Ken and his wife Joan were long standing members of both Clubs and Ken was the Sports Club Manager for many years in the '60s and '70s. When Ken died in 1989, he left a substantial sum to both Clubs and I think the new gates are a fitting tribute to a man who paid a significant part in the history of Ashford Sports Club.

The Short Lane Development work continues. There are still a number of aspects of the original development plans that are not yet complete and there are some additional ideas that have been thought of since. Your committee will continue to liaise with Ashford Sports Club in an effort to ensure that the facilities are "completed" and that all the loose ends are tidied up but this cannot happen overnight and it may involve effort from some of the members. Please offer your services if you feel there are any aspects of Club life that you could contribute to. Please see the enclosed Newsletter for some of the attractions and entertainment currently organised for all members at the Club.

The new facilities at Short Lane have been open now for a little over two years. I am sure you will all agree that it has a fine Clubhouse and one that we will all want to look after and to use for many years to come. Unfortunately, it is already showing signs of wear. Some of this is to be expected as there has inevitably been some wear and tear during two years of constant use, however, there has also been a certain amount of abuse. Please can I emphasise to all of you and to your families and their friends to please try to take a little more pride in the facilities. It is down to everyone to police the Sport Club's rules and to ensure that users keep the place as clean and tidy as possible. Firstly, please stress to everyone that no one should enter the hallway, the bar or the main hall while still wearing their cricket boots (or other sports shoes) as they can cause irreparable damage to the carpets. If possible, please do not use the main door or the doors into the bar if you have come straight off the cricket pitches.

Please also try not to leave any kit in the hallway as this is a safety hazard and could cause injury or worse still, an obstruction in the event of a fire. Also, please do not leave kit in the dressing rooms overnight. The cleaners do their best to provide tidy facilities but if they are prevented from cleaning the dressing rooms, the players will be the first to object.

The wickets at Short Lane are still not good enough for our level of Club Cricket and the committee are doing everything possible to understand the problems and to put things right. We have been in contact with Paul Brind at the Oval and we have asked for his help in putting together a maintenance programme.

I believe that generally communication within the Club is improving and the addition of a Web Site and a regular E-mail newsletter have improved matters still further. If any member has any additional ideas for communication within the Club, please let me know. If anyone has any suitable material for the newsletter, please send it to me and it will be published at the next available opportunity.

The Cricket Club has decided to hold the Annual Dinner away from the Sports Club in an effort to increase its popularity. The last few dinners have been very poorly attended, so your Committee has decided to go "up market". This year's dinner is being held at the Renaissance Hotel on the A4 near Heathrow on Friday, November 24. Please make every effort to attend. It is a mixed function and there will be some musical entertainment following the dinner.

The AGM will be held at the Sports Club on Wednesday, November 29. This is an important day in the Club's calendar. Have your say in the future of the Cricket Club and the Sports Club. If you have any ideas or concerns, come along and air your views. The AGM is open to all members and it is especially important that Playing Members attend, as you will have the opportunity to vote for next season's team captains and officials.

Winter nets are planned for 2001 at Matthew Arnold School as last year. These will be between 17:00 and 19:00 on Sunday evenings from January onwards. We hope to be able to book the nets for longer this year and encourage Ladies, Colts and seniors to attend. Please make every effort to practice and benefit from the coaching and experience available at these sessions.

See you all next season.

Chris Evans (Chairman, Ashford Cricket Club)

1st XI Surrey Championship Report 2000


It cannot be denied that 2000 was a disappointing year for the 1st XI, and for the club as a whole. Despite a wealth of talent and some all-too-occasional glittering performances, the 1st XI finished ninth in the Surrey Championship First Division, and were thus relegated.

From my personal perspective, the season left far too many questions and not nearly enough answers. It was truly an enigma of a year. Only three victories were recorded, yet two of these involved beating the two sides who were to finish in the promotion slots - Farnham and Malden Wanderers. After only six games, 38 points out of the eventual total of 53 had been achieved; the team was to wait over two months for its next point.

It is difficult to provide many tangible explanations for such inconsistencies. One clearly important factor was the departure, prior to the first league match, of our prospective overseas Australian Terry Crittenden. This left the team without the quality of leading strike bowler that had proved so valuable over previous seasons. However, worryingly, more fundamental problems seemed to be responsible on many occasions.

At the risk of sounding fatalistic, this season seemed to illustrate a disease growing at the club, the disease of apathy. As members of the highest team, and hence role models for the other sides, the 1st XI must be seen as the most guilty party in this respect. Club cricket has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years, and is now a more demanding and a more professional game.

To succeed in the new arena requires a level of commitment and dedication that many of the players failed to exhibit with any consistency this year. As a club, we must decide what sort of game we want to play on a Saturday; a drop to a lower league will hopefully provide the much-needed wake-up call for the 1st XI, and the resolution that will allow a swift return to First Division cricket.

If this appears a slightly unorthodox 1st XI season report, there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, few of the squad averages are of the level to merit inclusion here, and to detail the rare victories would be to present a distorted representation of the season as a whole. Secondly, something more is required from a captain's report in a year of relegation, and the members must be made aware of the problems of application that hang over the club. Hopefully I have provided some words to chew over during the long winter months that precede the opening of next year's campaign.

Paul Frost (1st XI Saturday Captain).

1st XI Sunday and Non League Report 2000


At first glance, the Sunday 1st XI season may seem unremarkable. Certainly, results were somewhat disappointing in comparison to last year's Thameside Sunday League triumph - of 24 completed matches, Ashford won 11, lost 12 and drew 1.

Ultimately, of course, cricket is a game of statistics, but it remains true to say that these figures do not tell the full story of what was in many ways a successful year. Perhaps another figure may be more appropriate - during the season, over fifty members were given the opportunity to represent the club at 1st XI level. What such a large 'squad' brings, as well as headaches for the captain, is a chance for everybody to shine on occasions, and some outstanding performances to remember. Of these, I will mention but a few: the three centurions (David Knill 113*, Andy Barnes 108, Paul Frost 102*), Kevin Lambert's stunning 6-wicket debut against the might of Plymouth University, and Wendell Sebastian's extraordinary 99* in 12 overs at Staines & Laleham. Also, those of us who experienced the away fixture at Old Hamptonians will not forget that particular day in a hurry!

A major feature of the season was the welcoming of a number of new or freshly returned players into the senior sides. Wendell and Kevin have already been noted; mention should also be made of Amit Bhamra, Andy Strand and the ubiquitous James Knill. These relative youngsters (in spirit, Kevin!) carry on their shoulders much of the future fortunes of Ashford, and their enthusiasm and ability - if channelled correctly - can only bode well for the club.

Of course, the old guard continues to go from strength to strength - Chris Evans and Rob Ford once again recorded another tidy season, and Adrian Chessman (old before his time!) failed to miss a single game. The commitment of these few should be a lesson to us all; only through hard work can the club become all that we hope it will be.

Finally, a word of thanks to Rosemary for consistently outstanding teas, to Ken Guishard for his umpiring duties, to anyone and everyone who helped out in the absence of a scorer, and to any number of colts who were called up at the last minute and never let us down. Cheers!

Paul Frost (1st XI Sunday Captain).

2nd XI Surrey Championship Report 2000


A mixed summer for the 2nd XI saw them fail to qualify for promotion.

The team did not deserve to be promoted due to lack of consistency. Too many senior players regularly had off days.

The 2nd XI squad, on paper, is strong enough to challenge for honours but lacked confidence and concentration on their own ability. An inability to force wins in situations of strength, and ending with only four points rather than the full thirteen, was another factor of the demise. Availability was a factor, but above all it was the failure of the batsmen to score consistently which was the crucial defect. Sizeable opening partnerships were few and far between, and the same can be said for partnerships for any wicket: embracing a number of pathetic collapses,

Three players had exceptional batting preference O. Beckett 306 @ 44, C. Davies 282 @ 47 and A. Tariq 421 @ 52 but were not suitably supported by other players. In the bowling department only S. Adams with 30 wickets @ 22.2 and A. Bhambra 18 wickets @ 17.00 had any real success.

The team generally needs to be more professional in their outlook and all batsmen need to realise that a game is not won by scoring 20 runs in one over and then getting out in the next. Of the younger players only Wendell Sebastian performed at a reasonable level.

Towards the end of the season it was pleasing to see Gareth Evans hitting the ball as sweetly as his ageing father was. Younger players need to develop a maturer outlook to the game on a Saturday afternoon. Players like Trefor Evans, Richard Chessman, Ben Petit, and Will Gaines need to examine their own performance and decide how they can make a bigger impact on Ashford Cricket Club. Support and advice can be offered from senior players from the club.

Many players failed to rise to the challenge of league cricket. Cricket cannot be played by just turning up on a Saturday afternoon and then bowl or bat. Application and determination are two words which come to my mind, which need to be instilled into every player.

One of the most encouraging sights was to see young R. Vig bowling in the mode of Bishan Bedi. The colourful Patka’s brought back memories. The fielding was adequate but all the players need to work on this vital part of a cricketer’s armoury.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the selection committee for their support. The grounds committee for there hard work in preparing the pitches (a thankless task) the catering staff John Hartwell for advice and support in financial matters and finally the players. All players who played for the second XI, thank you I enjoyed my season as captain and I hope the new skipper will get all the support he or she may need.

I have been playing league cricket for over 27 years and have noticed an unsavoury area of "sledging" creeping into the game. It disturbs me to see this and I hope all captains try to stamp this unwanted aspect out of our game.

Raminder Vig (2nd Saturday XI Captain).

2nd XI Sunday and Non League Report 2000


Most of the games were played with a good team spirit despite the attempts by some of the opposition to upset us by consistently hitting the ball to the boundary.

The mainstay of the side was clearly Stewart Fry who at one stage in the season looked as though he would average 100 plus. Fortunately for the future state of our ears he failed miserably by only scoring 10 in his last outing. During his purple patch, he scored 52 at Byfleet, 106 at West Harrow, 125 at Staines and 146 at Egham for twice out. Other notable scores were Wendell Sebastian’s 73 at Wembly in 46 balls only to be cut short by an unlikely LBW decision from the quick draw artist posing as an official umpire. Also his 65 at Stoke Green when, in his own words, he was going to get 150! Wendell is very much one for the future. Dave Barnes got a useful 67 against Roehampton and if only Dave could sort things out and play more often, he would make a great contribution both on and off the field. Clint Aitkin, Graham Smart, Rus McQuillan and David Knill all score 50 plus in their rare appearances and I thank them gratefully for helping out, mostly at the last moment. Most of the other batting suffered from either too much or too little experience, too often getting out in the twenties having done the difficult part.

The kids were always up for it and gave their best under difficult circumstances collectively they bowled very straight and took wickets when we needed them most. I am not going to separate them with individual performances because they were all brilliant in their own way. Adam Smith, Trevor Langworth, Sam Langworth, Andy Strand, Matthew Adams, James Knill, Jonathon and James Swain and Daniel Simper will, next year, come into their own and our Sunday performances will improve because of them.

As to the rest of the report it remains for not only the GOC but for all the other players to reflect on the efforts of the wrinkly twins, Scud and Curtly, who did most of the bowling and very often the last wicket stands were both amusing and productive. Scud twice took five wickets, a feat not managed by any other bowler. The Evans boys led by the redoubtable Robert appeared far too infrequently to have made a significant contribution however, they were always the keenest participators.

An old and trusted campaigner tells me you should try to include everyone who has played in your report so for those who I have failed to mention here we go: Robert Smith, Neil Smith, Gavin McDonald, Amit Bhamra, Yash Gill, Stephen Wanegesekera, Saftar Butt, Nasar Ahmad, Joshi, Bruce Cotton, Tariq, Terry Crittenden, Mark Fleckney, Mark Wildig, Lennon, Richard and Adrian Chessman, Steve Davies, Mike Wilson, Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all. There Bobby, I got them all in!

My grateful thanks to all those who helped in any way off the field, in particular, Kelly Taylor, John Bird and John Swain. Lastly, to our groundsman, John Watson who gave of his best in what was a very difficult year for wicket making.

Bill Lynskey (2nd XI Sunday Captain).

3rd XI Surrey Championship Report 2000


More like a third rate budget British effort than a Hollywood epic, Ashford 3rd XI's 'Season 2000', although much heralded, failed to impress the critics. With the anticipated and first choice stars not available, the storyline limps along enlightened only by a few promising newcomers and one or two cameos from those more seasoned actors who either accepted the script or were persuaded into performing.

The storyline begins with eleven men and boys being cruelly annihilated in a minefield somewhere near Chipstead and thereafter the envisaged plot struggles to develop. There are bright spots that bring hope to the storyline as our heroes get the better of high fliers Leatherhead and then demolish Ashtead in devastating style but these moments are negated by turgid displays on other potentially more encouraging soil.

Trevor Allen as 'the legendary Curtley' (22 wkts @ 14.8) plays the reliable and very mean opening bowler with good support from Mark Wildig (Sid Spray) who gets an award as the most promising newcomer. The dual-national, table-dancing, slow-left-armer Ben Pettit fits in well, tops the credits (10 wkts @ just 8.9) before being mysteriously written out to spend the last few games on a middle eastern Kibbutz.

Jas Rehncy leads the batting with 211 runs at just on 20 (including 56 v Ashtead) but is disappointing by comparison with his previous credits where he has been devastating on hard wickets. Bill Lynskey (Saving Private Ryan, A Bridge too Far and Ben Hur) is inevitably cast as the battle scarred war veteran in the middle order, ably supported by Safdar Butt who highlights with a magical 54* in the Woodmansterne scene. After an early and encouraging 63, playing an opening batsman in the Leatherhead act, Steven Wangesekera fails to develop the role and fades - the plot duly suffers from lack of his input at the top order. The action is directed by Robert Evans (199 runs at 25) ably assisted by the legendary Curtley with additional thoughts from comrade Lynskey.

Alan Cox (leading the batting credits on 25.5) and at times Evans, give very plausible impersonations of a wicket keeper whilst Andy Strand, complete with diamond ear stud, was the best boy. Walk on parts from Wendell Sebastian (66 v Ashtead), Graham Smart (50 v O Emanuel) and fleeting appearances from Stuart Fry, playing a wayward, hungover but powerful hitter, all add to a complex but unsatisfactory plot that never really catches the imagination, as the director intended.

The enthusiasm and entertainment gained from 'Season 2000' is negated by the generally very poor wickets on location and although the same actors may well give the remake another go next time, the contrast between the various venues is very marked. One or two locations were decidedly unsatisfactory. There are also far too few fixtures for the plot to develop properly. Perhaps home and away could be considered?

Nevertheless, the actors would like to thank all the support staff, who made the production possible, not least the caterers everywhere and those at the Surrey Championship who ensured that the director was able to key into results on the internet when he went missing in the USA right in the middle of the action.

Robert Evans (3rd XI Captain).

4th XI Morrant Wey Valley League Report 2000


A new league, a new captain, 41 players used (with 12 under seventeen).

Ashford’s first year in the Morrant Wey Valley League proved to be an enjoyable season on all fronts. The majority of the teams played the game in a good spirit and atmosphere and the facilities were of a higher standard than our previous league. The balance of the side had the right mixture of old school and cocky youth.

There were several individual performances to mention starting with the top score of the league by Adam Smith 130 not out, carrying his bat against Cheam on the superb Short Lane wicket. This was followed by 64 in the return fixture supported by Robert Smith 67 (in an opening stand of 134). Also worth a mention was Andy Strand’s opening bowling against Olinda Vandals with figures of 7 for 31, supported by Keith Pryke 3 for 24.

The early season batting, apart from Safar Butt (average 47.33) and the exciting Tariq 78 v Hook, did not set sufficient scores against the better teams. The second half improved greatly with Robert and Adam Smith settling to a good opening partnership. The guest appearances of Bruce Cotton 30* & 65, Simon Gough 38, Steve Smith 31 (and an energetic catch) and Rob Yewer 30. A special mention is due to Steve Kenrick who batted consistently throughout the season with only an average of 14.75 but he was responsible for securing victories against Worplesdon 16, Guildford 32, Addlestone 19* and Cheam 18* by batting out the overs and supporting often younger inexperienced partners.

Overall the bowling improved as the season developed with the captain leading with 34 wickets (average 12.58), supported by Pryke 15 (19.73), Andy Strand 14 (10.28) and the all rounder Mark Peddell 11 (19.33). Special mention to Mark Fleckney, James Knill and Gavin Macdonald for their contributions. Late in the season Matthew Adams was introduced taking 8 wickets in 4 innings (average 14.25). Matthew received high praise from all opposing teams for his straight and consistent length.

Adam Smith and Trevor Langworth both showed their talents at wicket keeping. On the fielding front Bill can still take a good slip catch, Mark Peddell gained respect from all batsmen and Steve Kendrick surprised himself taking two catches of high quality

I would like to thank Val Kendrick for scoring. Rosemary for the highest quality teas. The players who turn up at the last minute including Jon Swain, David Greenfield, Sam Langworth and Simon Gough.

Finally, Ashford always fielded at least 5 young players in every game. Very few other clubs in our league could do this because they do not have colt sections. We introduced u/12 players Sam Langworth and Tom Strand plus lady member Jackie Lyons to league cricket.

Cricket clubs are folding or amalgamating, next season St. John’s CC, Woking is folding plus one other unnamed team from our league.


Thanks to all members and supporters of A.C.C. for their interest in the 4th X1.

Peter Davies (4th XI Captain).

Ladies Cricket Report 2000


After a very successful introduction year in 1999, we entered our ladies into the Surrey Development League.

With the attraction of regular net practice (with qualified coaches) and the chance to play regular competitive but friendly matches the numbers and commitment to the ladies cricket was excellent. From my point of view and the cricket club in general it is refreshing to know that attracting ladies into cricket appears to be popular.

Apart from the assistance the ladies section received both at practice sessions and on match days a special thank you must go to Tara Mcloughlin and Bethan Evans. Without their organisation and enthusiasm my life would have been made a lot harder.

I would like to thank all those people who helped at net practices (Frost, Evans, Lynskey, Barnes, Mike Wilson and even Andy Strand and James Knill) plus those who helped umpire or score during the games. (Trefor Evans, Adrian, etc.)

During the season we only won one of our league games but we performed well and with our bowlers learning to bowl a little straighter we should be able to beat most of the teams we played this year. (too many wides girls!)

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported the ladies section during the season. To all the ladies who trained or played, give yourselves a big pat on the back and may I say what a pleasure you have been to run again this year.

Keep smiling, practising and above all enjoying your cricket.

Graham Smart (Sports development / Facilities Manager).

PS: If there is going to be enough support we will run a winter net on Sunday evenings along with the rest of the cricket club. This will probably start in January 2001. If interested please tell/inform Bethan, Tara or me before Christmas. (take care and happy Xmas).

Colts U15 Report 2000


This season the Under 15’s played a total of 11 games. These were a mix of Middlesex West Area League, Middlesex Cup, Middlesex Plate and friendly games. They won 4 and lost 7 of these games. a further 3 games were cancelled due to the weather. The team's best performance was in the Middlesex Plate competition, ending just one point short of a final place!

The under 15’s suffered form only having a squad of 13 players, this made fielding a full team, of under 15’s, impossible during the Summer Holiday. The team was rescued by the addition of Under 13 players on a number of occasions, notably Matthew Adams, Sam Langworth and Ben Simper.

The under 15’s had a number of very notable individual performances during the season. Throughout the summer the batting of William Gaines must be mentioned, William made a telling contribution in virtually every inning he played, scoring 243 runs at an average of 48. William was awarded the under 15’s batting award for the season. There was good support batting from Andrew Tomkins, Mark Peedell and Adam Smith. Andrew Strand had a good season bowling leg spin, for the under 15’s and the weekend mens teams. For the under 15’s he took a total of 9 wickets, including a hat trick against Sunbury. Andrew won the seasons under 15’s bowling award. There was good support bowling from William Gaines (5 wickets), Mark Peedell and Mark Fleckney (6 wickets each), James Knill (7 wickets) and Andrew Tomkins (8 wickets). The Manager's award went to Mark Peedell, who made significant contributions, with either the bat, ball or in the field in every game he played during the season.

Many of this year's under 15 colts played weekend cricket in the full Ashford teams, from 1st to 4th eleven sides. Some 10 out of the squad of 13 players played for the men's teams. There were a number of fine performances, two of which must be mentioned. Andrew Stand playing for the 4th eleven against Olinda Vandals took 7 wickets for 31 runs. Adam Smith again playing for the 4th eleven, against Cheam, scored his maiden century for Ashford. Adam scored 130 not out after opening the innings.

John Swain & Peter Davies (U15 Colts Managers).

Colts U13 Report 2000


A year of mixed fortunes cricket wise, but a year weather wise I wish to forget. During the 14 matches we played I can only remember one when we were warm (not good).

We had a fair number of new players who came up from the under 11 s and our first task was to get a team spirit going with the colts from the previous year and then get them to play as a team. When this happens they played extremely well but consistency is the key.

Every colt that signed on for the season played in a match. Analysis of the matches played are: Played 14, won 2, lost 11, drawn l, conceded 1.

Out of the 11 games lost, 5 were lost in the last two overs of the games. My thanks to the parents who supported us during the season and Steve Adams and Clive Taylor whose help during the season made it all possible.

Ron Simper (U13 Colts Manager).

Colts U11 Report 2000

This season was, as usual, very busy for the U11s with regard to the fixture arrangements. The team played in three competitions: Middlesex League, the John Charcol Trophy and the Middlesex Plate.

In addition, an U10 team took part in two tournaments, the Spelthorne 8-a-side Festival and the Woking & Horsell 6-a-side competition.

The usual fixture congestion in August was very apparent and it became increasingly difficult to get sides out as holidays interfered. However, this gave an opportunity for new players to be tried and for more Colts to get involved in matches than would otherwise have been the case.

In total, the team played 14 won 4, lost 10, and had 4 cancelled (probably conceded!). They came very close to winning on a number of other occasions but the luck just didn’t go their way.

The team gradually learnt the benefit of occupying the crease. This slowly improved during the season and reached a situation where it was usually only the top 5 or 6 batsmen who got a bat. This is bad luck on the lower order but all batsmen must strive to build an innings. The next step comes with increased confidence when knowing which ball to hit and which ball to leave becomes automatic.

As a result of the above, the team was not getting bowled out but they were not really scoring enough runs to challenge the opposition.

The bowling also improved during the year from the early season disappointments when, in one game, they conceded 56 extras to a situation where there were several extra bowlers to chose from.

One example of this was an early season match against Twickenham. The manager changed the opening bowler who had figures of 3 overs, 6 for 10 with the opposition at 16 for 6. They went on to score 107 mainly due to extras and Ashford lost.

The fielding was in general good although the hours spent on a Friday night on the basics of fielding were sometime forgotten during matches. The catching sometimes let us down but the boys all tried hard.

Most of the runs were scored by Paul Dobbs, Simon Cook, Lee Cousens, Alex Jackson, Matthew Tippell and Todd Wootton but many other boys made useful contributions throughout the season.

Paul Dobbs, Simon Cook, Lee Cousins, Alex Jackson and Matthew Tippell took most of the wickets but Paul Fleckney, Luke Cottrell and Luke McLean all contributed and improved noticeably during the season.

The wicketkeeping was shared between Todd Wootton and Patrick Weaver who both did an excellent job.

I should like to thank all those who have supported the team during the season on many very cold and wet evenings and especially all those who assisted with the scoring, the umpiring and generally organising the boys on match days. Support is vital and all players respond to the correct support.

Finally, I would like to thank Adrian Chessman and Richard Chessman who stood in for me when I was unavailable and for their help and that of Michael Wilson and Paul Frost on Friday evenings. Especial thanks to Richard who co-ordinated the U10 tournament at Woking. Thanks also to my daughter Bethan for her assistance on the administrative side. Without mentioning all the names, I would also like to thank all those who helped in any way to assist the smooth running of the U11.

The more people who do help the easier and the more enjoyable it gets. Please, if any of you can spare an evening or two throughout the season, let me know.

Finally, I hope all the Colts enjoyed the year and that you each gained something from it. I look forward to seeing you all next season.

Chris Evans (U11 Colts Manager).