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Committee Report 1999

Imagine the following headline on the back of the Staines and Ashford News next September.

Ashford Cricket Club wins Surrey Championship
2nd XI, 3rd XI and 4th XI all Promoted

I am sure that players, non-players and supporters alike agree that this would be tremendous. Well it is possible but the whole Club, not just the players, must believe it is possible and not simply accept that we are the "also rans". The players can affect the on the pitch results but the rest of the club from the Committee through to the supporters can provide the correct environment for the teams to function in and their performances to improve.

A little more concentration, a little better application and above all a lot more commitment from the players will make an enormous difference to the Club’s results. Having played the whole season in the 1st XI, I can comment from experience that the team does not appear to take the field expecting to win. All members must have a "self-belief" that we can perform. From what I saw this season there was no reason why the 1st XI should not have been challenging for a top of the table position instead of struggling against relegation. The ability is obviously there; it is converting that ability into consistent performances which is missing. Success breeds success and as soon as one side starts winning, results will improve throughout the Club.

I do not have a magic wand or a simple solution to the problem but all members have to make small changes and, overall, the Club will improve.
Players MUST:

  • attend organised practice sessions
  • not cry-off except in exceptional circumstances
  • arrive at the club on time
  • be ready to start on time
  • take the field correctly attired
  • support the rest of the team during matches
  • encourage batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeepers and fielders; do not criticise or mock
  • respect our opponents

Supporters should:
  • support the players by giving them plenty of encouragement
  • look at ways to assist the Club off the field

These are just some ideas to think about for next season but now it is time to reflect on the 1999 season.

The Clubhouse has now been open for over a year and although the Sports Club has had some operational difficulties, it appears to be running smoothly. There are bound to be maintenance issues arising soon and the Club is considering setting up a database of members skills and expertise so that the Cricket Club and the Sports Club has a ready supply of willing helpers to call upon should the need arise. In this way we can then utilise members to carry out electrical, plumbing or heating repairs etc. which will ultimately ensure that our membership subscriptions are minimised. We will be sending out details before next season but if any of you have skills that you believe could be of use to the Sports Club, please give me, or any other member of the Committee a ring. Voluntary help is essential to ensure the whole club operates smoothly.

Members can also help by having a little more respect for the Club. For example, players, please do not wear your cricket boots in the bar, tea-room or any of the carpeted areas and, if you see someone else doing so, please ask them not to.

The cricket squares have played reasonably well considering their brief history. There have been some very good wickets and some not so good but hopefully, they will continue to improve and there will be a marked change next season. The outfield still leaves a lot to be desired and this is an area that the Sports Club is aware needs addressing so, again, hopefully, things will be better next year. I am confident that our groundsman, John Watson, will continue his excellent work and provide a facility for next season that we can all be proud of.

The cricket nets have presented the biggest disappointment this season. I can only apologise for the promises I have made about their availability. My only defence is that I believed the contractors would complete them and I have been badly let down. They are now finished so they will be available from the start of next season for much needed team practice. I trust next year’s captains will organise proper training or coaching sessions, make use of the many coaches available within the club and realise the true benefits of mid-week practice.

The 1999 season on the field was disappointing. The 1st XI struggled against relegation for much of the season before finishing in 7th position. The 2nd XI showed early promise but results fell away towards the end of the programme and they ended up in the bottom half of their table. The 3rd XI was unfortunately relegated to Division 3 and the 4th XI had a very difficult time in the Surrey Kookaburra Fordham League. Full details of all the teams' ups and downs can be found in the attached reports.

One positive factor this season has to be Sunday Cricket. The Club entered the Thameside Sunday Cricket League which required both a 1st XI and a 2nd XI to play eight league matches on alternate Sundays throughout the year. This proved a big success and there were very few problems in fielding two sides and the number of fixtures we cancelled this season was very small. In addition, both XIs won their leagues, the 1st XI having won all six matches, with two abandoned and the 2nd XI won five matches. Much praise for this achievement must go to captains Duncan McIlveen and Robert Evans who managed to win matches whilst still ensuring that all members of the team participated. Well done Duncan and Robert!

The Club was invited to play in three separate 6-a-side tournaments. We defended the Banstead competition but unfortunately lost in the semi-final, whilst in August we won both the Old Hamptonians and Walton competitions. Perhaps we should propose that the Surrey Championship be converted to a 6-a-side league!

After six seasons in the Surrey Kookaburra Fordham League several regular members of the 4th XI have separately asked for a change. The cricket was becoming too competitive and most of the players in the 4th XI are looking for "friendly" league cricket. The committee has made an application to join the Wey Valley League and everything looks favourable at present. This will give players the opportunity to visit new pastures, meet new friends and hopefully better enjoy their cricket.

To ensure we can fulfil all our fixtures, we do really need a few more playing members. We are a little stretched on some occasions. If you have any friends or colleagues who would like to join or who you can persuade to join, please bring them along next year.

Due to a lack of numbers, we were, unfortunately unable to field an U17 Colts side at all this season but the other three sides played their usual large number of games. Most of our members in the U17 age group were playing regular cricket for the senior sides on Saturday and Sunday. Reports from the other three Colts teams are attached.
Colts assistance is greatly appreciated. The Club is indebted to the Colts team managers, Ron Simper and Peter Davies and their helpers and to Nick Coates who co-ordinated the Colts membership. Thanks also to all those who helped or assisted regularly on Friday nights, John Swain, Peter Cottrell, Steve Adams, Duncan McIlveen, Adrian Chessman, Richard Chessman and last but not least Graham Smart. Extra help on Colts nights is always required so it would be nice to see a few more senior players assisting in bringing on the future of the Club next season.

One of the commitments the Sports Club made to the Sports Council (now Sport England) when securing the Lottery Grant for the new facilities at Short Lane was that we would actively market the facilities to generate interest from the Community and hopefully increased membership. To this end, the Sports Club has employed Graham Smart as Sports Development Officer. One of his tasks is to visit local schools and other youth organisations, tell them about Ashford Sports Club and its aims, provide coaching sessions and to generally spread the word. This is an ongoing activity but any suggestions you may have for additional avenues that Graham could follow would be greatly appreciated. Graham can be contacted on tel: 01784 252288 or e-mail him at ashford[dot]sports[dot]club[at]ukgateway[dot]net.

Another venture that Graham started this year was Ladies Cricket. A band of eight or so ladies regularly attended training on Wednesday evenings provided by Graham and Steve Davies. This culminated in a match against a young Shepperton Ladies team in August. Ashford won and hopefully the interest and enthusiasm will still be there next season. If you have any daughters, sisters or wives who might be interested, please speak to Graham before next season.

Everyone has sorely missed Mike Troake this year. We have been unable to replace him as the Membership Secretary to date and there have been a number of problems in this area for which I apologise. Anyone who would like to take on this role for the future, please give me a call. It needs an organised person, preferably with a computer but it is not particularly difficult and there are plenty of people around to give guidance.

Mike also used to do an enormous amount for the Club not only on match days but also behind the scenes preparing for match days. The true amount of work he did only became apparent when he was not around and the Members have had to "fill in".

The Committee organised a collection in memory of Mike, which raised a very encouraging £260. This has been used to purchase two memorial benches and a new bell, all of which are already in use at Short Lane. Sue Troake and her family have visited Short Lane and they are very pleased with the fitting way in which the Club has remembered Mike.

This season’s President’s Day was a break with tradition. In an attempt to get as many Members involved as possible, the Club held its own 6-a-side competition. Apart from the programme which was a little delayed over lunch, I believe the day was a great success (I can’t remember who won!) and it is certainly something which we will consider again for the future. Many thanks to our President, Don Beckett, for sponsoring the event.

There were other social functions held this year and thanks to Adrian Chessman and his family, two very successful Quiz Evenings were well supported. These Social events and this sort of fundraising are essential to a Club like Ashford. We operate on a small budget and the scope for additional income is limited. The Club must continue with these events and hopefully, for 2000, there will be more. Please support future Social events.

The 200 Club continues to be a major source of income. Many thanks for your generous support to this fundraiser in the past and to John Hartwell and Trevor Allen for their organisational efforts. Please continue to "invest", your contribution is most appreciated and with luck, you may even win one of our major prizes.

The Club’s AGM is being held on Wednesday, November 24. We have switched back to a Wednesday to ensure that our Hockey members can attend, as it won’t clash with hockey training. You should therefore have no excuses this year so please attend and have your say.

The Club was very fortunate to have Duncan McIlveen return to play for a second season. Duncan played an enormous part in Club life the previous year and the same was true this season. Both Duncan and his minder, Regan, thoroughly enjoyed their stay and although it is unlikely that he will be returning next season, he has promised to come back in a few years time when the facilities at Short Lane have matured a little. Duncan is a very competitive cricketer and I know he was disappointed with some of his own performances but his main concern for Ashford Cricket Club is the attitude of the rest of the players. He desperately wants to win but he does not see the same commitment from his teammates. I have already written enough on this subject in the opening paragraphs.

Communication is always very difficult in a large club like Ashford. All members are never together at the same time (although there is an opportunity at the AGM) and so verbal communication does not work. We have tried Newsletters in the past but they do take a lot of time to prepare and publish and they are relatively expensive to send to all members. In an effort to improve communication (for those of you with access to the Internet) there is now an Ashford Cricket Club web page. It is only in draft form at the moment but I hope, with your help, it will improve. Please look at it, comment on it and I will try to ensure it is updated. The address is:

During this first season at Short Lane we have had a variety of caterers providing our teas. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Cully, Jane and Bethan for their hard work. It takes a very long time to do the shopping, prepare the teas, serve and clear up afterwards. It often appears to be taken for granted but it is greatly appreciated.

There is another band of voluntary helpers who often go unappreciated and unthanked. We owe an awful lot to all our umpires and scorers. Both are very difficult and thankless tasks. There is rarely praise or thanks but should there be a suspicion of a mistake then they are immediately blamed. On behalf of the whole Club I should like to thank John Bird and Steve Smith for their umpiring and Regan Mullaney, Bethan Evans, Val Kenrick, Martin Davies and everyone else who scored for the Club.

I would like to thank all the committee members for their efforts. It has been a difficult year and a Club like Ashford can only function with the help of volunteers. The effort of these volunteers often goes unnoticed but we would be well and truly lost without them.

Finally, I should like to offer my own personal thanks to John Bird. John has decided that after nearly 25 years of umpiring he is finally going to hang up his bails! Umpires are always the player’s enemy but I know from experience what an enormous contribution John has made to the Club over the years. He has been available almost every Saturday, Sunday and mid-week when required and for evening Colts matches. A conservative estimate is that he must have umpired well over 1000 matches for Ashford. Many, many thanks John.

I think this letter is now long enough and for those of you who are still reading wouldn't it be wonderful if some of this season's Sunday success were to rub off on Saturdays. Well, with your assistance both on and off the field, I believe it can and maybe, just maybe, that imaginary headline could become a reality.

I hope to see you all at the AGM and again next season.

Chris Evans (Chairman, Ashford Cricket Club)

1st XI Surrey Championship Report 1999


With the return of Duncan McIlveen from Australia, confidence and belief for the new season was running high. Several players were firing in pre-season games and coupled with a brand new clubhouse and ground, expectation was for a top four finish.

Unfortunately, the potential of the side was not fulfilled and although spirits remained high, frustration crept into play and as a result, performances suffered. The objective, halfway through the season had changed from challenging for promotion to survival in the first division.

With only 1 win, against Limpsfield, from the opening nine games, we found ourselves rooted to the bottom of the table, and we realised what a huge task we had ahead of us to survive.

The players responded to the challenge superbly and we ensured safety with a game to spare by winning 4 of the remaining nine games, with victories against Purley, Limpsfield, Malden Wanderers and Honor Oak.

Evergreen Chris Evans led from the front and was by far the most consistent performer all season. He scored 610 runs at an average of 40.07 including a marvellous century against Honor Oak. He was ably supported by Duncan McIlveen who achieved a league double, scoring 320 runs @ 20.00 and taking 37 wickets @ 20.11. John Maunders had a quiet year by his own standards, scoring 313 runs @ 22.36 including a stylish 88 against Malden Wanderers setting up a fine victory.

The bowling was led by Duncan, and supported by Rob Ford who finished the season with 26 wickets at an average of 14.04 while Neil Smith and John Maunders took 17 and 11 wickets respectively with averages of 37.25 and 35.09.

With the season not going as expected we now need to look forward to next season where the young side that we possess can go into the season with an extra year's experience of playing this standard of cricket. With more application from everyone, there is no reason why our original objective of a top four finish may not be achieved.

Andy Barnes (1st XI Saturday Captain).

1st XI Sunday and Non League Report 1999


The title of this report is perhaps a little misleading. The Club took the brave decision this season to enter two sides (1st and 2nd XI) in the Thameside Sunday Cricket League. Brave because we failed to fulfil a single Sunday 2nd XI match in 1998 due to a lack of numbers. However, thanks to the efforts of the team captains and Club officers, enough enthusiasm was generated to not only field two sides regularly throughout the season but also to achieve success.

The 1st XI regularly fielded up to eight of the Saturday 1st XI for the Sunday League matches and the results speak for themselves. We won the league handsomely having won all six matches played, the other two being cancelled due to the weather. The side never looked like losing and the captain managed to play positive, attacking cricket at all times while also ensuring that all members of the team took an active participatory part; a difficult balance.

The rest of the non-league cricket was very disappointing. We were dumped out of the two cup competitions at the very first hurdle. Hastings and St. Leonards Priory beat us by 10 wickets in late April in the National KO while against Hayes (Kent) in the Evening Standard Competition, we performed much better but still failed to threaten the visitors score. The Club cannot claim to be on a road to recovery or ready for better cricket until we can match clubs in our own and other leagues alike. These cup competitions are an ideal opportunity to demonstrate our true capability and to generate a name for the Club outside the Surrey Cricket Circuit. We have to grasp this opportunity in the future.

A touring party of some 18 players and supporters alike enjoyed a successful tour of Devon in early June at a new headquarters. The weather played its usual tricks and disrupted two matches but there was still time for plenty of enjoyable cricket, even more eating and drinking and a small amount of generally soaking up the Devonshire atmosphere. The team played three, won one, lost one and the match at Sidmouth was finally abandoned as a draw due to persistent rain. We are hoping to keep the tour in the same week next season and anyone interested should contact me for more details.

We should try to forget the remaining friendly matches as quickly as possible! We won two, drew two and lost the remainder. Victories over Shepherd's Bush and Datchet were the only successes while the draw at Cove also deserves a mention if only for the astonishing 100* scored by Duncan McIlveen out of an unbroken partnership of 114 with Raminder Vig.

Looking forward to next season, I hope we can repeat the success in the Sunday League while at the same time putting in an improved performance in the remaining "non-league" matches. Non-league cricket is the best place to put right any small faults in your game and to iron out wrinkles which are preventing Saturday League successes. I urge more players and colts alike to join in the fun of Sunday cricket.

I should like to thank, on behalf of the Sunday 1st XI, John Bird for his ever-present umpiring, Regan and others for their scoring and Jim Cully, Bethan and Jane Evans for their delightful teams. I should also like to thank Bill Lynskey, Duncan McIlveen and Adrian Chessman for their considerable efforts on the ground in the early part of the season when we were without a groundsman.

Chris Evans (1st XI Sunday Vice-Captain).

2nd XI Surrey Championship Report 1999


The 2nd XI had a disappointing year, having been relegated last year. It was expected that the team would finish in the top five this year. An enforced squad rotational system, as used by Alex Ferguson, was not a success, a total of 32 player were used throughout.

It would have been easy to blame the weather, availability, the toss and luck, but the truth is that no two players performed as second XI players in any one game. The greatest problem was the unreliability of the batting, which regularly posted undefendable scores or (on the rare occasions when the skipper won the toss) was unconvincing in the chase. The batting relied heavily on Ollie Beckett, 409 @ 37.50, Dave Purslow 300 @ 33.33 and Adrian Chessman 300 @ 23.08. Inconsistency in batting resulted in too many poor performances to mention. The old brigade of Raminder Vig and Robert Evans did not perform.

The bowling, like the previous year was generally economical, if not always penetrative. Steve Adams, was the pick of the bowlers with 29 wickets @ 20.62, followed by Steve Davies with 13 @ 29.15, Yash Gill with 11 @ 15.09 and Matt Elliker with 10 @ 14.70. A total of 19 bowlers were used.

There were some notable performances throughout the season. Trevor Allen's match winning 4 for 15 against Chipstead (including a hat trick), Matt Elliker's 5 for 29 against Chessington, Steve Davies 5 for 32 against Maori and Ollie Beckett's and Jotti Bassi 78 and 54 against Sanderstead. These performances were few and far between, which resulted in the team finishing mid table. Younger players, notably Trefor and Gareth Evans, Steve Adams and Jaz Rehncy have to perform more regularly than they have been.

The skipper thanks the following for their contribution during the season. Steve Smith for his commitment to umpiring. The many tea people. Chris Evans, Bill Lynskey and Adrian Chessman for their time in preparing the wickets. Martin, Bethan and Jane for their support in scoring and the selection committee for their support in general.

Probably the most disappointing aspect was the lack of quality of younger players pushing for places in the 2nd XI, which must be addressed by the Club to show its full potential. If any past players who read this report are interested in playing please, please, please get in touch. The Club needs a blend of youth and experience.

Hopefully the squad will be strengthened for the renewed challenge for the coming season.

Raminder Vig (2nd Saturday XI Captain).

2nd XI Sunday and Non League Report 1999


It is said that those who are present when history is made, often do not realise it until sometime later on. This in several respects was true for the Sunday 2nd XI, who amongst other things, played the inaugural game on the new ground and later won their league, both without quite realising!

In itself the fact that the side existed and that 12 second eleven games were played on Sundays was a major improvement on recent years. In 1998 poor availability meant that not one fixture was honoured, so it was with some trepidation that the season began on 25 April. The side were privileged to be the first to perform on the new Short Lane ground (ACG III) and although a wet and gloomy spring day was not enlivened by a dull draw against Wycombe House, Brian Doe did become the first bowler to take five wickets, returning a fine 6-47 from 19 overs.

It may have been the new ground or the Club's first foray into Sunday league cricket that at last saw steady Sunday availability throughout the season. Several senior players were regular members of the side and a large number of juniors appeared at different times. It is only a pity that few of the colts seem able to be available on a regular basis for they always get a game be it with the bat, the ball or both. Testimony to this is the fact that young Daniel Simper had the second highest number of innings of any player. Often thrown in at the deep end in difficult circumstances, Daniel made more than one important contribution and will have learnt a lot from the experience. Thanks are also due to Ron and the rest of the family for their loyal support.

The first league win was a narrow one over Richmond Town when Robert Smith (41*) and Trefor Evans (25) rescued the side after a major collapse. A second league victory over a poor Old Hamptonians outfit saw team morale take a real boost only for it to be heavily dented by a crushing defeat at the hands of a dubiously strong Farnham Royal. Similarly a defeat at Chertsey was shrugged off by the mere fact that we were actually playing their first team.

More victories followed against Egham, Stoke Green and Merrow (non league) with Chris Dunnett recording a fluent 59* in just two hours fifty minutes, much to his own delight. Bill Lynskey scored steadily throughout the season culminating with a splendid 63* against Melrose when Yash Gill made a flamboyant 101* to add to his 58 at Stoke Green. It was a pity that rain prevented the historic Lynskey-Gill partnership from being a match winner.

Few bowlers played regularly in the side due in no small amounts to calls from the first eleven. Not surprisingly though, Steve Adams and Trevor Allen led the averages along with Yash Gill. Brian Doe was the leading wicket taker with 11 in his only two games, which probably says a great deal!

The largest surprise of the season came several weeks after the last game when it was discovered that, masked by an arithmetical error earlier in the year, the second eleven had actually won the Sunday league at the first attempt. When the season finished we were not sure whether we were third or runners-up, but revelled in the delight of the first team's achievements.

Ours was a fine all round performance from a side with no stars but plenty of commitment. I am proud to pay tribute to everyone who appeared, be it once or a dozen times.

Special thanks go to Bill Lynskey for his unswerving support and to Yash Gill for often being available at short notice. Chris Dunnett and Dickie Chessman were excellent value as were the whole Tomkins family who contributed in one way or another.

My thanks also to Adrian and Chris, amongst others, for their hard work on the ground and to John, Jim and latterly Jane for their tremendous efforts with the teas.

John Bird may not have umpired many Sunday second eleven matches in 1999 but he has probably stood in more games than any umpire in Ashford's 145 year history and on behalf all the team I thank him for his loyal service to the Club. He will be near impossible to replace but I hope we still see him regularly, casting a critical eye from the boundary.

Robert Evans (2nd XI Sunday Captain).

3rd XI Surrey Championship Report 1999


A very sad season for the 3rd XI in which all players under achieved. The fact that over 40 players were used and twice we went out short, goes towards explaining some of the problems of lack of consistency, with only two players Peter Davies and Wendell Sebastian playing in all league games.

On the batting side the openers Bill Lynskey (ave. 14), Jaz Rehncy (60 v Egham, 93 v Warlingham) and occasionally Robert Evans (59 v Maori) plus David Barnes performed their function well, giving middle order batsmen a sound foundation but the backbone of the side failed too often to set a declarable or winning total. The notable scores were very few with highlights as follows:- Safta Butt 33 v Chertsey and 42 v Purley; Alan Cox 48 v Weybridge; Stuart Fry 46 v Dorking; Grant Taylor's winning 81 v Purley; Chris Davies 46 v Reigate and 56 v Camberley; Wendell Sebastian 36* v Warlingham and 77 v Malden Wanderers and Yash Gill 83 v Old Mid Whitgiftians. As you will observe, with the exception of Purley and Warlingham, there were never two notable scores in any game, this proved to be our downfall.

The bowling side, again only three bowlers took over 10 wickets; Peter Davies 13, Wendell Sebastian 16 and Trevor Allen 25, in only 9 games. If only? Trevor's wickets included 7 for 29 v Mitcham, 5 for 27 v Dorking and 5 for 39 v Weybridge. The only other performances of note were Peter Davies 5 for 59 v Chertsey and Grant Taylor's 3 for 23 v Purley.

The most encouraging aspect of the season was the continuing development of young cricketers at Ashford, with the all-round ability of Wendell Sebastian who adjusted to English conditions well and will develop into a great asset to the club. The fielding ability of Steven Barry and Mark Pedell plus the fast improving Adam Smith as wicket keeper, all current U15s and U13s respectively, bodes well for the future.

As Captain, I would like to thank all the people who helped prepare the wicket on the day, especially Bill Lynskey and Adrian Chessman for work earlier in the season, Martin Davies for scoring and all the players who answered my last minute calls.
My very special thanks to John Bird for this and previous seasons for his support of third XI cricket. Enjoy your retirement.

If the lower sides are to improve and play at the higher league levels to match the new facilities, we must recruit new players, current players must work at their performances on and off the field and look at their availability throughout the season.

Peter Davies (3rd XI Captain).

Ladies Cricket Report 1999


Personally for me the formation or should I say solid foundation of Ashford's first ever ladies cricket team was one of the highlights of the cricket season. The support and interest from the ladies who did regularly turn up made the organisation fully worth while. The initial support and enthusiasm to start ladies cricket came from the vision and drive of the cricket club and the support of Sharon Eyers (Ladies Cricket Development Officer for Surrey).

Due to injury Sharon was unable to visit schools in the local area but has plans to do this at the start of the 2000 season. This will hopefully encourage the younger children in the area to join and enable us to have both a junior and senior section.

A grant application has been put forward to the local council for cricket equipment for the ladies section. We are very confident about this grant which will enable training equipment to be readily available for both senior and junior ladies training nights.

Because of the support and I hope enjoyment that the ladies got this season I have entered them into the 20 over a side ladies league for beginners that runs on Sunday mornings. For this to be successful we need to secure a few more members but I am confident that the girls and myself will be able to attract a number of new players next season.

Finally thank you to the girls this year and the help I received via Adrian Chessman and Steve Davies

Good luck for next year and thank you.

Graham Smart (Sports development / Facilities Manager).

Colts U15 Report 1999


A year of underachievement for a side that has County and ex-County players to select from.

The Season started well in the League, losing to Wycombe House but winning against Twickenham. Our downfall was against Hampton Wick, setting defendable scores we allowed their openers the opportunity to slog their way to victory.

However, we did reach the area final in the County Cup losing to Hampton Wick in the final.

In the Plate Competition we started off well beating Twickenham, Hampton Hill, but failed in the remaining games to Hampton Wick B? and Teddington.

The Highlights of the Season were the all round performances of Wendell Sebastian, Luke Jackson's batting against Twickenham - 92 not out, the Captaincy of Andrew Tomkins during the Plate Competition, the enthusiasm of Daniel Simper, Stephen Barry, Mark Pedell, Chris Cole and Chris Hurn which soon will develop into consistent performances; the fielding is there, batting and bowling will follow.

Thanks go to Umpire, John Bird, scorers and money collectors, Gill Tomkins and Lorraine Gaines, to Stephen Sutcliffe for Captaining the League and Cup XI, Andrew Tomkins for Captaining the Plate XI, to Ron Simper for helping with late call ups and all under 13s who responded to the late call ups.

Peter Davies (U15 Colts Manager).

Colts U13 Report 1999


The end of another season and hopefully a memorable one for the boys.

The team played extremely well together (we had a squad of 21 players), and at times they were unbeatable.

We played 19 games during the season slightly less than normal, due to the fact there were problems with the fixtures in the Halifax Cup games.

It was pleasing to see some of the Colts playing with the senior sides towards the end of the season, and from what I was told, they did not let themselves down.

I would like to wish all the boys a good season next year and look forward to the new season.

My thanks to John Swain, John Blakemore and all the parents for their continued support, as it makes a lot of difference to the boys knowing that they have your support.

Ron Simper (U13 Colts Manager).

Colts U11 Report 1999


This was a particularly awkward year for the U11s with regard to the fixture arrangements. The usual John Charcol competition was unfortunately delayed causing enormous fixture congestion in August, In fact the U11s ended up with thirteen fixtures in August. We played only eight of them and it was difficult enough fielding a team for these matches due mainly to holidays etc.

Although we won only four matches, we came very close to winning on several occasions but the luck just did not go our way.

At the start of the season, the biggest concern was the rather reckless batting. All too often, boys would walk to the middle face one ball, get out and walk back again. Much like the 1st XI really! However, after a lot of talking to the boys they did understand the true value of occupying the crease. This was highlighted in a game against Wycombe Home when we batted first and scored 28 for 8 in our allotted 20 overs.

The low points of the season were two matches against Sunbury where we lost by 160 runs and 100 runs respectively but at the other end of the scale we scored 115 for 1 in a victory against Hampton Wick Royal.

The fielding was in general good, the catching sometimes let us down but the boys all tried hard and gave 100%.

Most of the runs were scored by Matthew Adams, Mark Thompson, Scott Hammerton, Sam Langworth, Matthew Turner, Luke Overy and Simon Cook but the rest all made useful contributions throughout the season.

Of the bowlers, Matthew Adams, Simon Cook, Sam Langworth, Paul Dobbs, Lee Cousins and Scott Hammerton took most of the wickets but Paul Fleckney, Mitul Patel and Patrick Weaver all contributed.

The wicketkeeping was shared between Mark Thompson and Patrick Weaver who both did an excellent job.

Finally I should like to thank all those who have supported the team during the season and especially all those who have assisted with the scoring, the umpiring and generally organising the boys on match days.

If anyone is interested in attending an umpiring course or a scoring course during the winter, please let me know or if you would like your child to have additional coaching, please give me a call.

Finally, I would like to thank Steve Adams, Duncan McIlveen, Bill Begg, Tony Reed and Bethan for their regular assistance on Friday evenings. I would also like to thank all those who helped in any way to assist the smooth running of the U11s. The more people who do help the easier and the more enjoyable it gets. Please, if any of you, especially players in the 1st and 2nd XIs, can spare an evening or two throughout the season, let me know.

Finally, I hope all the boys enjoyed the year and that each gained something from it. I look forward to seeing all of them develop further during the years to come.

Chris Evans (U11 Colts Manager).

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